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Customized Window Treatments Offer a Gorgeous View & More


Motorized Window Treatments Can Change the Way Your Orange County Home Looks & Feels

Though building a new home is an exciting process, not everyone decides to go that route when purchasing a home. Plus, with the current housing market, many homeowners in Orange County are just happy to find something that suits their family’s needs right now! Having the house of your dreams is still achievable, though, with a smart technology partnership with Launch Systems.

No matter where you are in the home buying process, we can assist you with all your smart home automation, custom window treatments, security, networking, and outdoor living needs in Huntington Beach, CA, and the surrounding areas. In our blog below, we’ll take a closer look at some benefits of incorporating wireless shading solutions from QMotion and Lutron.

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Why Wireless Blinds & Shades?

The biggest draw of wireless window treatments is flexibility. Wired solutions are easiest to install before drywall is installed; otherwise, there is a lot of retrofit construction that needs to happen. But with wireless shades, we can help you design custom shading solutions before or after the walls have gone up. Plus, hard-to-reach windows in dramatic entries, stairways, and high dormer windows have long-lasting batteries that use an app to notify you when battery levels are low.

Because very minimal installation work is required, wireless shading solutions are a smaller investment of your time and resources. Your new (to you) California home can be move-in ready with the experts at Launch Systems by your side.

Where Can I Add Shades?

Besides hard-to-reach areas of your home, you can add custom window treatments practically anywhere you have a window! The large window behind your garden tub could use shades to add additional privacy. Light-blocking blackout shades in the bedrooms and home theater area are perfect for reducing glare on your screen. Sheers can help filter natural sunlight into your breakfast nook so you can gradually ease into the rest of your day.

But What Do They Look Like?

Some homeowners worry that adding technology to their window treatments will leave very few options on the table that match or complement their décor. Luckily, with Lutron and QMotion solutions, you have a wide variety of styles and custom fabrics that are sure to meet your needs.

You’ll have varying opacities to choose from depending on how much light you’d like to enter the room, plus the option for dual shade systems, so you don’t have to pick one style for a window and feel stuck as the light changes throughout the day. You could use sheers to filter natural sunlight into your living spaces during the day, then use a tightly woven fabric to provide privacy from neighbors in the evenings.

Open roll designs like Lutron’s Palladiom series add a modern feel, and concealed fascia options add an elegant, upscale aesthetic. And for operation? You can use a remote, your smartphone, custom-etched on-wall keypads, or a tablet to raise and lower an entire bay of windows or a single window at a time. You’re sure to find a perfectly customized solution to match your stylistic taste. Chat with us at the bottom of your screen, or give us a call today at (949) 515-7030 to get started on your custom window treatments project! We can’t wait to bring the power of sunlight to your fingertips.

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