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5 Ways Motorized Shades Benefit Your Smart Home

Living room with couches, a TV, and open motorized shades and a beautiful view of the beach and ocean.

Discover how automated window treatments transform your living space and lifestyle

The lighting and design of any home affect its beauty; they determine how the home feels and impact indoor comfort as well. Both professional lighting design and stylish decor make your home more comfortable and welcoming. And shades play an important role in it all. Not only do they let in or block out natural light, but they also elevate the style of your home. Motorized shades are the perfect shading solution for San Juan Capistrano and Orange County, CA homes. Keep reading to see the benefits they provide to you and your smart home.

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1. Perfect Light for Any Home

Motorized shades are designed to provide the perfect amount of light in any room. Best all, you don’t have to do a thing to make it happen! They can be programmed to operate via a schedule or light/heat sensors. Automatic shades integrate perfectly with your home lighting system, so you always get the ideal balance of natural and artificial light.

2. Easy Controls

How about hassle-free control of your motorized blinds? Wouldn’t that be nice? It’s so easy to do! Adjust your shades up or down with the touch of a button or a voice command. You can control your automatic shades via a wall panel, smart home tablet, smartphone app, or remote.

3. Protect Furniture from UV Rays

Motorized window treatment manufacturers like Lutron make many shades with fabrics that vary in opacity. So, if you want to preserve the view from your window but protect your furniture and art from harmful UV rays, you can get a sheer fabric you can see through. Or, choose a room-darkening or blackout option for a bedroom or your home theater.

4. The Perfect Blend of Style and Privacy

Smart shades are fantastic because they allow you to open them easily to let in natural light. But they are also smart solutions when you need a little privacy. Close your shades as easily as you open them, and their sleek, luxurious design still elevates your home’s beauty while giving you privacy.

5. Control Your Home’s Heating

Natural light is an energy-conscious way to brighten your home. However, letting in the sun also heats your house, causing your HVAC system to work overtime to keep rooms cool. Smart thermostats can integrate with smart shades, controlling when the shades close or open to maintain your home’s ideal temperature. Darker fabric shades keep the sun from heating your home, so your house stays cooler when the sun is stronger. Smart shades are one of the best smart home technologies you can incorporate into your San Juan Capistrano, CA home. They are elegant and beautiful and give you increased control over your home’s lighting, heating, and privacy. To get started on your shading project, contact Launch Systems. You can also connect to a real person by using our chatbox on this page!

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