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Orange County Living Just Got a Little More Convenient with Motorized Window Treatments

California living is easy, but did you know that the expert team of technology professionals at Launch Systems can help you make it even easier? We strive to bring innovative smart home solutions to our Newport Beach clients, from outdoor audio/video to smart lighting and beyond. With a voice command or a gentle tap of your finger, your home will respond to meet your needs in mere seconds.

We've realized that there's one smart solution many of our clients in Orange County overlook, and that is motorized window treatments. At first, shades and blinds aren’t thought to be as “techy” as other smart solutions, but by automating them, you’d be surprised at how forward-thinking and nearly futuristic these stylish window coverings can be. You can save time, save money, and make your home look better, too.

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If you have a large expanse of windows, multiple floors, or hard-to-reach windows, then you know how long it takes to simply open every window treatment in your home to let natural sunlight into your spaces. Sure, you could leave blinds or drapes open at all times, but then you lose valuable privacy from nosy neighbors and potential thieves.

Imagine, instead, being able to tap a customized wall keypad, touchscreen, smart remote, or your smartphone to open every shade to the perfect height. Open an entire room or floor at the same time without ever leaving your seat! With smart scenes, you can synchronize automated shades and blinds to work in conjunction with other smart technologies. A “Goodnight” scene will turn off all interior lights, arm your security system, and lower all shades in unison – talk about convenience!

Reduce Energy Costs

Add temperature sensors to your living spaces so you can communicate valuable data to your motorized window treatments for seamless operation without a second thought. When the room reaches a specified temperature, roller shades or curtains will lower or draw shut. This will prevent the room from getting warmer, which will prevent your HVAC system from running unnecessarily.

Complement Décor

Stylish fabrics and modern components by the manufacturer Lutron ensure motorized window treatments never look dull in your meticulously curated home interior. Fabrics of varying opacities also serve different purposes – sheers allow in filtered light whereas blackout fabrics prevent any ambient light from entering the space. Shade brackets, hem bars, and fascia are all customizable to meet your design motif for any room in your Newport Beach home.  To connect with one of our representatives, chat with us at the bottom of your screen! We look forward to bringing the convenience of motorized window treatments to your Orange County home or business!

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