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Security Camera Installations Make Life Easier & Reduce Stress


Keep an Eye on Your Orange County Property from Anywhere – Home or Away

It’s always important to stay aware of your surroundings and not become complacent when it comes to security. No matter where you live, potential thieves look for opportunities wherever they may be. A home cloaked in darkness at midnight is an easier burglary target than one that is blanketed in protective landscape lighting. Visible security cameras and video doorbells also serve as deterrents to potential porch pirates.

To make protecting your home second nature, consider a security camera installation on your Newport Beach, CA property. Though it may seem like a daunting endeavor, it doesn’t need to be – let us help you! Keep reading below to learn how Launch Systems can implement a security solution that improves your peace of mind and protects those you care for the most.

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What Is It Like to Have a Smart Security System?

Imagine synchronizing lighting, shading, intrusion detection, surveillance cameras, door locks, and more into one comprehensive control platform. With the press of your finger on a customized wall keypad, you can orchestrate a smart response from all of these security devices, and from your smartphone, you can even tap into live security camera footage!

The “Goodnight” smart scene sets the following smart responses in motion: Shades lower to provide privacy, lights turn off in sleeping areas, locks and the alarm system are armed, and exterior landscape lighting illuminates your home for an additional layer of safety. If you believe you heard a ‘bump in the night,’ you can view the live security camera feed from the comfort of your bed to reassure yourself and go back to sleep.

You Can Rest Easy on Vacation

Managing your security system becomes a habit during the workweek, but when you’re away for a business trip or a fun weekend getaway, your routines can become muddied. As you’re on the plane or in the car heading to your vacation home, are you suddenly worried that you left the door unlocked or a window open?

You can quickly quiet that pang of anxiety with a smart security camera system. From the convenience of your smartphone, you’ll be able to view and share live and recorded footage, arm and disarm the system, and even unlock smart locks on doors and gates for houseguests, property managers, or your dog walker. Having remote access to your Orange County property lets you fully relax while you’re away elsewhere and gives your peace of mind.

Work With the Professionals at Launch Systems

Having all of these smart home devices communicate with each other is an enormous task, though. It takes a professional to design and implement a successful system simple enough for anyone in the family to use but robust enough to protect your possessions and property with the latest security features. Launch Systems is an integrator with the technical prowess and design know-how to handle not only the creation of an easy-to-use smart security system but the installation as well!

For a security camera consultation and installation, chat with us at the bottom of your screen to get started! We look forward to helping you keep your loved ones – and property – safe and secure.

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