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When It Comes to Security Solutions, One Size Does Not Fit All


Modern Security Cameras Require an Expert System Design & Installation Team

Several aspects of homeownership require an eye for detail: gardening and landscaping, interior design, maintenance…the list could go on! Another component of owning a home you should never overlook is having a security system.

Installing cameras that you found at your local big-box retailer will provide some protection, but a comprehensive security camera installation on your Newport Beach, CA property – one that includes a well-designed system that incorporates an alarm, video analytics, motion sensors, and more – will keep your home and your family protected. So whether you’re all at home sleeping in bed or are away for a vacation weekend, you’ll be able to monitor and manage your Orange County home.

Keep reading below to learn what features are included in a customized security and surveillance system from Launch Systems!

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Futuristic Features

A security system that recognizes the difference between a neighbor walking their dog past your yard and a suspicious idling car near your driveway may seem like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but it’s not. Modern security cameras have several innovative functions, and having a professional team like Launch Systems handle the system design and installation ensures every feature is maximized to its utmost potential.

Artificial intelligence and video analytics make it possible to decipher between threats and matters of no concern. Surveillance cameras placed on the perimeter of your building can provide a 360-degree view of your home that inform homeowners of threats in full-sun and low-light environments thanks to night vision and heat detection capabilities.

Missing object detection is a function that goes beyond what basic motion detectors can do by notifying you when an item is missing from the camera’s field of view for a specified amount of time. This is particularly helpful for packages on porches, prized possessions, or for cabinets you’d prefer to keep locked, such as a liquor cabinet if you have children.

Customized Security Solutions

Many national alarm and security brands offer one-size-fits-all solutions meant to address small homes. There’s little room for customization or high-performance features like we listed in the above paragraphs. When you work with a professional installation team, a bespoke system design is crafted for your estate – no matter its size – and you can expect the latest features that will scale if you decide to add additional cameras and sensors in the future.

You can even incorporate your security cameras into your existing smart home system. For example, exterior landscape lighting will turn on automatically at dusk, and your interior lighting can be programmed to flash if the alarm sounds. This feature will draw your neighbors’ attention to your home in case of a burglary and will also detract thieves from sticking around for very long.

A “Goodnight” smart scene will initiate several technology responses simultaneously: the alarm system arms itself, motorized shades lower to provide privacy, smart locks and gates lock, and interior lighting turns off as you make your way to the bedroom for a peaceful night’s sleep. If you hear a bump in the night, simply pull out your smartphone to check live security footage to put your mind at ease.

If you’re ready to reevaluate your Orange County property’s security plan, connect with us now using the chat box at the bottom of your browser or by calling us at (949) 515-7030. We look forward to hearing from you.

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