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3 Reasons Why We Love Control4


Learn Why This Home Automation Brand Is Our Favorite for Portlanders

Can you imagine walking into your Portland-area home and having it respond to your every need? Nothing is nicer than stepping into the foyer after a long day at work and pressing a button to initiate a sequence of smart device responses that help you wind down and ease into a relaxed state of mind. What we just described isn’t fiction – it’s possible with Control4 home automation! Your entire Oregon home is at your fingertips or operable with a simple voice command. Read on below to learn three reasons why Control4 is our favorite home control brand.

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1.      Control4 is Simple to Control.

We’re not exaggerating when we say using a Control4 system is as easy as pressing a button. Custom-etched wall keypads that match your décor, sleek touchscreens mounted on the wall or on table stands, remotes in stylish finishes, and even your smartphone are all possible devices to use to control your home. The app’s user interface is intuitive and customizable, so you can program your favorite settings and customize scenes with just a few swipes.

2.      Control4 Improves Energy Efficiency.

Your window treatments communicate with temperature sensors via your Control4 system, automatically lowering in response to the room's temperature rising to prevent heat gain in your living spaces. A temperature rise will trigger your HVAC system to turn off or on depending on the time of year and your preferences. A smart home with climate control will save you money because it can learn your habits and adjust accordingly to reduce energy waste.

3.      Control4 Transforms Your Home.

With home automation, you can change the ambiance in mere seconds. Select the ‘Relax’ scene to dim tunable LED lighting, lower the shades, and start streaming your favorite jazz station on Spotify to help you wind down at the end of the day. Raise the blinds with a voice command to let natural sunlight shine brightly into your home at the beginning of the day. Dim the lights in the home theater whenever you queue up your AV system. It’s all possible with a home powered by Control4!   If you’re ready to explore the simple pleasures of a Control4 system in your Portland-area home, fill out our online form to get started! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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