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A Day in the Life With Tunable LED Lighting


Smart Lighting Supports You from Sunup to Sundown

We’re lucky to have great weather for most of the year in California, but with the winter months here, many of us are spending more time indoors than we are accustomed to. The decreased time spent in natural lighting may start to drag a bit on our moods. To combat the winter doldrums, consider tunable LED lighting. Tunable LED lighting puts you in control of simulated natural lighting. From sunrise to sundown, your natural circadian rhythm is supported with variable color temperature lighting. Keep reading below to learn more about this innovative lighting solution, and we’ll walk you through what a typical day in your Huntington Beach, CA, home would look like.

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Good Morning

Clocks fell back last month, and with the time change, early mornings are darker than they’ve been all year. That means it may be a bit more difficult to wake up feeling rejuvenated without any natural sunlight streaming through your windows. This is where tunable LED lighting shines, literally and figuratively. You can program your smart lighting to sync with a timer, turning on every day at the same time in sync with your alarm clock. Bluish white light with a color temperature around 7000K imitates daylight, so your lighting can support you more naturally as you get started on your day.  

Good Afternoon

Many of us tend to hit a productivity slump midday and find it difficult to concentrate on the tasks we need to complete. A bright, cool white light will keep you awake and alert so that you can focus more easily. This bluer tinged white light has a color temperature between 4000K-6000K. Throughout your day, tunable lighting will transition through the color temperature spectrum to support your needs. In the morning and early afternoon, lighting supports your productivity and alertness. As the afternoon turns to evening, lighting helps you and your entire family wind down.  

Good Evening

Studies have shown that different durations, intensities, and wavelengths of light affect the human body. The circadian rhythm, or natural biological clock, can be interrupted by bright, artificial lighting and potentially cause health issues. This disruption can also affect our sleeping patterns, causing insomnia and restless sleep. A warmer, white light will support your circadian rhythm, signaling to your brain that it’s time for tranquility and relaxation. This warm white light has an orange or yellow hue and a color temperature in the range of 2000K-3000K. You can program your lighting to transition automatically, or you can press a button on your wall keypad or smart device to change the lighting at your discretion. Once you’re ready for bed, simply press another button on your smart device or use a voice command to turn off all of your lighting. The tunable LED lighting cycle can start again in the morning, supporting you and your family throughout another day.   Your Huntington Beach, CA home deserves to be highlighted in beautiful LED lighting, and you deserve the wellness support that this innovative lighting offers. To setup a consultation, fill out our online form or call us today. We look forward to working with you!

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