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Solution Spotlight: Tunable LED Lighting


Your Orange County Home Can Shine in a Brilliant New Way with Tunable Lighting

Tunable LED lighting is a modern smart home addition that can completely transform how you see and interact with your home. Highlighting architectural aspects, showcasing your curated art collection, and supporting your daily activities as you move throughout your Laguna Beach, CA, home are just a few ways LED lighting can make your life more comfortable and convenient. But what exactly is tunable LED lighting, and is one type of tunable lighting better than others? Keep reading below to learn about three different types of tunable lighting and how each could potentially work on your Orange County property.

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Dim to Warm Lighting

Lighting that can be tuned from dim to warm settings is a more basic iteration of tunable LED lighting, and basic doesn’t mean underwhelming. LED lighting that dims to a warm glow similar to that of incandescent can help you ease into a relaxed state of mind in the evenings before bed. Dim to warm tunable lighting is perfect for homeowners looking for a more cost-effective and longer-lasting alternative to an incandescent, yet still prefer the warm glow of the older lighting technology.  

Color Tunable Lighting

Imagine saturated, vibrant colors from throughout the color spectrum, shining in and around your California property during dinner parties, hangouts, or movie nights with the family. Ketra lighting is our favorite full-spectrum tunable lighting brand because of their dedication to the science and art of light. And with the recent acquisition of Ketra by Lutron, the duo is unstoppable in providing superior tunable lighting solutions to homeowners just like you.  

Tunable White Lighting

Perfect for general and accent lighting throughout your home, these LEDs can shift between a warm-white around 2,700K and a cool-white around 5,000K. Our bodies psychologically respond to these variances in white light, feeling energized with cool, white light and relaxing with warmer, white light. By incorporating tunable white lighting into your kitchen, living areas, and workspaces, you’ll support your daily activities with the power of smart technology!   To further shine a light on the possibilities you can bring to your Laguna Beach-area property, call us now at (949) 515-7030, chat with us at the bottom of your browser window, or connect with us using our online form. We look forward to assisting you!

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