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With Control4's Intercom Anywhere, your mobile phone is integrated with your smart doorbell. Homeowners can see and talk to whoever is at the front door, whether home or away and can activate smart-home functions like turning on the entry lights or unlocking the door.

Connected Doorbell

When a Control4 door station is part of your home, you’ll always know who’s at the door. Is UPS there for a delivery when no one's home? No problem, use your phone to answer and tap the “Delivery” button within the app. The alarm system will automatically disarm, the entry light will turn on, and the door will unlock. Once that important package is placed safely inside, press "Secure" to automatically re-lock the door and turn the alarm back on. It's that easy and convenient!

Touchscreen Intercom

Home Touch Panel Intercom

When someone rings the doorbell on your Control4 Doorbell, the speakers in the house will chime and the visitor at the front door will pop up on your Control4 in-wall touch screens throughout the house to see who it is before you decide to answer. Choose to accept and communicate, or simply press ignore. See and talk with crisp, clear audio and video. You can see them, but they can't see you.

From your Door to your Phone

With a the Control4 phone app, Intercom Anywhere will quickly notify you when someone rings your doorbell. Always stay connected from wherever — whether you're just in the backyard or away on a trip in Hawaii. Answer the door or simply ignore.

Touchscreen Intercom


More than just a connection to the front door, Intercom Anywhere lets the family stay connected. Babysitter not answering? You can call your home's Control4 touch panels and be instantly connected to any room from your mobile device. Misplaced your phone? Control4 keeps you connected! Simply call a family member’s cell phone right from a touch screen on the wall or sitting on the kitchen counter. Time for dinner? Call them all to the table at once by broadcasting a message to all touchscreens.

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