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Enjoy Music Everywhere with New Products from Sonos


Enjoy Multi-Room Music or Take Your Audio on an Adventure

Sonos has been on the music scene since its inception in 2002. The company is known for its partnerships with music companies, from Spotify to Tidal and Deezer to iHeartRadio. Sonos’ dedication to music partnerships shows how seriously they take music, and the brand can be seen in many homes in the area and beyond, providing high-quality, multi-room music for Californians.

In this blog, we’ll cover three new products released by the audio brand: The Sonos Move, the Sonos One SL and the Sonos Port. Each comes with a variety of innovative features you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Keep reading to learn how Sonos can provide you with multi-room music throughout your Huntington Beach, CA, home.

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Sonos Move

Perhaps the most significant innovation from Sonos in years, the Move can go outdoors! This sturdy and portable speaker is intended to move. It can survive drops from almost 3 feet and withstand humidity, pool splashes, salty spray and even rain! The Sonos product development team went as far as spill testing a wide range of substances on this speaker—wine, sunscreen, mustard and more. The Move has also been temperature tested in extreme hot and cold environments, so it’s meant to play audio in your California backyard and on fun excursions.

Playback is a breeze with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. When Wi-Fi is available in your Huntington Beach-area home, use Wi-Fi capability; if you’re taking the Move on the move, utilize Bluetooth and stream from your smart device. Recharging the portable speaker is simple with the included charging base, or you can use a compatible USB-C charger. You don’t need to worry too much about charging, though, because the Sonos Move offers 10 hours of continuous play before the batteries must charge again.

And automatic Trueplay technology that many Sonos enthusiasts have come to know and love is included in the Sonos Move. Trueplay perfectly balances the sound in whatever location you place it, whether you use the speaker in many rooms of your home to play music or in your outdoor entertainment spaces. All of the recently released products we tell you about in this blog are simple to control with the Sonos app and Apple Airplay 2. The Move is also controllable with your favorite voice control assistants, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Sonos One SL

The Sonos One SL is similar to the older model Sonos One but removes the microphones and voice control that some customers prefer not to have. Room-filling sound can be placed anywhere throughout your home for multi-room music enjoyment. You can even set one in your bathroom because it’s humidity resistant.

The Sonos One SL can pair in stereo with additional One SL units or with standard One speakers, something not possible with the older Play:1. You can use One SL speakers in your home theater or media room setup as rear speakers, then pair them with the Sonos’ Beam, Playbase or Playbar soundbars for great sound.

Sonos Port

The Sonos Port serves as the successor of the Sonos Connect. It’s a streaming component for your existing stereo and receivers, allowing you to stream over Wi-Fi, use Apple AirPlay 2 and receive automatic software updates. There is also an audio line-in so you can add your CD or record players or another audio source to your multi-room music system.

The Sonos Port fits in standard AV racks and has a digital-to-analog converter, adjustable bass and treble for optimal performance, and you can adjust the audio by individual room or by room groups.

Whether you’d prefer your new Sonos products stationary or to travel on-the-go, or you’d like a speaker with voice control or without, the new Sonos product lineup has something to offer you! If you’d like to discuss multi-room music options for your Huntington, CA home, call us today at (949) 515-7030, complete our online contact form, or chat with us using the Let’s Talk button at the bottom of your screen. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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