Hidden Tech – In Plain Sight Whenever You Want It To Be, Gone When You Don’t

Launch Systems Is the Leading Hidden Tech Specialist in Orange County

Boxy rectangles on the wall when you’re not watching a TV show are unsightly. Speakers in your living spaces are space hogs, and TVs and radios on the countertop in the bathroom and kitchen take up valuable space you need for other things.

With hidden tech solutions from Launch Systems, there’s no need to dedicate precious space in your Laguna Beach, CA home to technologies that could instead hide away in plain sight when not in use. Keep reading below to learn how hidden TV and audio can be aesthetically pleasing while also changing the way you experience your Orange County home!

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Here Are 3 Ways to Hide a TV in Plain Sight

Hidden TV Solutions for Your California Home Look Great – or Hide Away – As You Need

Your technology and your interior design don’t need to compete for aesthetics or space in your Newport Beach, CA, home. Hidden TV solutions have come a long way in recent years, and there’s no need to sacrifice style for video quality, or vice-versa.

Hidden TV solutions can mask themselves as exciting pieces of artwork, hide within furniture and mirrors, and even roll away into the ceiling. Keep reading this blog to learn more about these sneaky technology solutions.

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How Hidden TVs Help Designers Create More Beautiful Homes

Impress Your Customers in the Laguna Beach Region with TVs That Blend Into the Background When Not in Use

If you’re an interior designer, you know the importance of blending form and function in a home. Your customers may want the latest and greatest speakers, home theater equipment and automation systems, but you’re the one who needs to make it look appealing.

One way to create a better-looking home while still allowing for smart home automation is to make the equipment invisible until it’s ready for use. Because of their size, TVs can be a major eyesore in many rooms, but they don’t have to be. In this blog, we’ll walk you through some hidden TV solutions we like to use and how they can benefit interior design professionals in the Laguna Beach, CA, area.

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