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A Day with Motorized Shades

Bedroom with dimmed lighting and motorized shades.

How Motorized Shades Enhance Your Daily Living

Imagine resting peacefully, snuggled under the covers of your comfy bed, dreaming happy dreams. In your visions, you're walking along the beautiful, sandy shoreline as the sun begins its ascent over the horizon. The colors awakened by the rising sun are fantastical; bright orange, pink, and purple hues. Finally, you take a deep breath of the salty ocean air and smile, ready to face the day ahead.

Back in the reality of your bedroom, your motorized shades have slowly begun to rise with the early morning sun. As the dim light of the morning hits your face, you open your eyes and smile—what an excellent way to start the day with dreams turning into reality. You are indeed ready for the beginning of another fantastic day.

Sounds lovely. Continue reading about a day with motorized shades in your Newport Beach, CA, home.

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7:15 AM

As you make your morning coffee and toast an English muffin, you press a button to slowly raise the motorized shades that span across a wall of windows. Just halfway open this morning, enough to let some of the rising sun's rays into the room, so you don't have to turn on the lights. Finally, you grab the morning paper and sit at the kitchen table, sipping your coffee and enjoying breakfast while reading the news. 

8:30 AM

You're off to the office, but before you leave, you schedule a timer for the shades to go dark at 2:00 PM. The weather forecaster said today would be a scorcher, and you want to save your air conditioner from extra work. The motorized shades will help to insulate your home from the heat of the afternoon sun. This plan will also help protect your flooring and furniture from the powerful UV rays that can cause fading.

5:30 PM

You've returned home from work and are settling on the couch to catch your favorite game show. You open the motorized shades to full view, so you don't have to turn on the lights just yet. Halfway through your show, a nasty glare appears across the television. No problem; you press a button on your home's smart control and lower the shade just enough to prevent glare.

7:15 PM

As the family gathers around the dinner table, you press a button on your smart home control that simultaneously lowers the motorized shades and turns on dim lighting in the dining room. You love the harmonious and relaxing atmosphere dim lighting creates during the evening. 

10:00 PM

It's time to turn in for the night. You darken the motorized shades in your bedroom to block out the streetlight outside your window, ensuring no ambient light will interfere with the night's slumber. Then, you'll be ready to rise with the sun again in the morning.

How does that day sound, with so many ways to enjoy the beautiful Newport Beach, CA, sunshine, save energy, and protect your home furnishings throughout the day? Contact our team through our web form or online chat to learn more about motorized shades for your home.

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