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Control4 Lighting Illuminates Your Living Spaces with One Touch!

A hallway illuminated by Control4 lighting fixtures with a Control4 keypad interface on the wall in focus.

Make Brightening Your Home a Breeze with an Innovative Lighting System

A well-lit home provides a welcoming and cozy atmosphere for you, your family, and every guest that enters your living spaces. So, how can you effortlessly illuminate your Irvine, CA property with brightened fixtures to create just the right mood for any occasion? Bringing high-end lighting to your home doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Control4 Lighting offers an easy, one-touch control experience for your entire household. Keep reading below to learn the benefits of bringing this innovative lighting setup to your smart home today.

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What Makes Control4 Stand Out?

As a leading brand in the smart home automation industry, Control4 specializes in bringing centralized and cohesive smart systems to homes across the country. There’s no reason for your lighting to be separate from your overall smart home system. With Control4, you can seamlessly integrate every component of your lighting system into your whole-home controller.

This integration means that the same smart device that you use to lower your motorized shades, adjust the volume on your TV, and arm your smart security systems will be the same one you can use to manage your entire lighting system. Control4 makes it a breeze to control and make the most of your home lighting with zero hassle involved.

One-Touch Control

We mentioned that Control4 lets you use the same smart devices for your lighting as you do for your whole home. But did you know that Control4’s interface requires just one tap of a button to make your ideal lighting settings a reality? One-touch control makes your lighting fixtures accessible to everyone in your home—and makes brightening your rooms and living spaces effortless!

You can create “scenes” that adjust your fixtures to your preferred lighting settings, meaning that one button-press for your “morning” or “movie night” scene can transform the room into the perfect environment for any given occasion. Integrating other smart solutions into your scenes is easy with Control4 as well! A scene for dinner can lower your motorized shades, dim your lighting fixtures in the dining room, and set your smart thermostat to a desired temperature. It’s that simple!

Work with Your Trusted Control4 Dealer

Want to make bringing Control4 lighting to your property hassle-free? Working with a trusted Control4 dealer like Launch Systems can guarantee a smoothly-run installation process. We work with your home’s unique layout and your specific preferences for your project to deliver a well-lit home with a high-end lighting design! You don’t need to struggle with DIY—rely on our team of professional lighting designers for every step of your installation.


Ready to brighten up your household with Control4 lighting? Give our team at Launch Systems a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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