Outdoor Living


Comfort and convenience extends past your house and into the outdoors

Bring your indoor entertainment outside. Enhance your outdoor environment with a system that makes your backyard an extraordinary experience. From playing the perfect soundtrack while relaxing poolside to grilling steaks while watching the game on an outdoor TV, you can make your backyard a true “outdoor living” environment with all the comfort of the indoors. Add powerful outdoor WiFi for your backyard so you can be connected at all times!

Outdoor Entertainment

Place hidden speakers in the landscaping to create and even sound as you move around, the music follows you, but never blasts the neighbors. Watch the game on a weatherproof TV and access reliable, secure and powerful outdoor WiFi that keeps you connected. Imagine the fountains and landscape lighting coming on automatically.

Outdoor Entertainment
Pool & Spa Control

Pool & Spa Control

Control your pool from the office. Pool and spa control from your mobile device make it easy to turn on the heat, set the temperature, or crank the jets – whether you are home or away. Get the Jacuzzi heating up to it's ready when you get home from work. Did someone forget to turn the spa off and your away from home? No problem -all the controls are at your fingertips!

Smart Outdoor Lighting

Make your outdoor lighting smart. Imagine a landscape lighting system that always works when you want it. Set your landscape lights to turn on 1 hour after sunset and turn our 2 hours before sunrise. Your lights will automatically adjust each day to the changing seasons!

Landscape Lighting

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