Troubleshooting Tips


Here are some very common problems and easy troubleshooting tips that can help you get back up and running quickly.

Nothing turns on (no sound, no picture) when choosing Watch TV: Check to see if the cable box or satellite receiver is turned off. The remote control neither turns this on nor off so someone may have pressed the power button on face of the cable/satellite box or it is in sleep mode. If so, try manually turning it back on (press the power button on the front). To use the process of elimination, if you have a DVD player or Apple TV hooked up, select that device on the remote and see if it comes on normally. If so, the problem is most likely with the cable/satellite box and it may need to be rebooted (like a computer needs to be reset from time to time). If no devices come on normally, then it is probably and issue with the A/V surround surround sound receiver. Check the bulb/flasher attached to the front to see if it has become loose or falling off. You can also turn on the A/V receiver manually and press the video source desired (i.e., CBL/SAT or DVD) to see if it comes on.  

I have picture and sound, but the Cable/Satellite TV is not responding to remote: If the system comes on and you have picture and sound, but you cannot change channels, the small bulb/led flasher (it flashes red when you use the remote) has probably fallen off from the eye of the cable/satellite box. If so, try reattaching the bulb/flasher to where is was before and try again.  

I hear sound but see no picture: Check if the small bulb/led flasher (it flashed red when with the remote) has fallen off of the TV’s infrared eye. If everything looks OK, hit the home button and try selecting your viewing choice a second time. If you can’t figure out where the flasher goes, try turning on the TV manually.  

The remote is not working Check to see if the remote is fully charged or if it needs new batteries. If you have a charging station for the remote and it does not hold a charge very long, it has a proprietary battery and may need to be changed out by one of our technicians.

Check to see the remote is controlling the correct room. It show the the room name when you pick up the remote. If not in the correct room, press the "List" button on and select the appropriate room.