LaunchCare Service Programs

LaunchCare Service Programs


We offer complete customer care programs to ensure your system is running perfectly. Like a new car, today’s home electronics require regular maintenance for optimal performance. Remote system health monitoring, scheduled maintenance and proactive management of your system ensures that when the “engine light” comes on, we will act - often before you know there is a problem! Our secure cloud-based service allows us to detect, diagnose and resolve common issues remotely. This minimizes interruptions, speeds problem resolution, saves on chargeable service visits, and keeps your system up to date.

1. System Health Dashboard

LaunchCare enables real-time system health monitoring which allows us to be notified of issues and take immediate action to repair your home system - most often remotely. As part of the LaunchCare dashboard, we can also log and track network speed tests to ensure you are getting the internet speed you are paying for. Finally, our remote management service allows much of the ongoing system maintenance to be taken care of without an in-home visit - saving you time and money.

2. Proactive System Service

Health system monitoring enables our on call technician to proactively resolve many system issues in real-time including your remote controls, Audio & Music Amplifiers, Video Equipment, Home Networking/WiFi, Touch Panels, Smart Lighting, and more. The benefits include ultra fast issue resolution, white glove service, real-time error detection, improved performance, extended system life, up-to-date system firmware/software releases, installation of the latest major enhanced feature software upgrades, and reduced on-site service costs.

3. Customized App Just for You

We can provide a customized App personalized for every client to quickly troubleshoot many items without our involvement. The app tool allows you to fix simple issues quickly. For example, a great deal of problems our customer's experience have to do with cable TV, Apple TV, or network modems/routers needing to be reset just like a computer needs to be restarted from time to time. Is your Cable TV not working? Simply press "Fix Cable TV" and it will reboot the device which usually resolves the issue. In addition, the app give you a direct action service request button that can call our service line and allow you to send a message detailing the issue. This will immediately notify us and the issue is logged into our system so we can track timely resolution.


Enhanced network security and protection. We design and setup your network for maximum security as a vital part of your home system. We install commercial grade equipment that has robust firewall security built in. Additionally, using our cloud based system we are able to close potential openings to your network to help keep intruders out giving your peace of mind that you data is protected.

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